ExpressVPN Review 2017

There is only one way of ensuring that your online activity is not being monitored – by using a good VPN. A VPN is a network security service that allows you to access the internet through a secured gateway. It is not easy to know the motive behind the users of most public network access points as they are unsecured. Your data is therefore at risk every time you use these networks. When you have a VPN however, you can comfortably use any network as the data travels in an encrypted format through your VPN’s server first. ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN providers in the market. Here is a quick expressvpn review .

expressvpn review


The company has three packages; a $12.95 monthly subscription, $59.95 for six months and an annual $99.95 package. There is no trial period for any of the packages. It is also quite clear that the price of this VPN is expensive in comparison to others in the market. This is because of its features, which include the allowance of unlimited P2P connections through different clients globally. The VPN is also available worldwide through its servers available in 87 countries. All ExpressVPN customers also get a 30-day money back guarantee. ExpressVPN offers 35% discounts from its official website through various coupons and promo codes. These offers are valid for the whole year.


ExpressVPN supports almost all devices as well as most of the common operating systems. The configuration process is also quite simple and straightforward. There is an emphasis on simplifying the technicalities so that users get a minimal and basic interface. There is a safeguarding feature that blocks applications from accessing the internet when the VPN is off. The VPN also allows multiple connection services in a home network such as mobile phones, printers and other network gadgets. This seamless functionality removes the pain of having to switch the VPN on and off every time you want to use your home devices.


In addition to security features, a very important feature for VPNs is speed. ExpressVPN calls itself ‘the fastest VPN on earth’. That kind of statement deserves to be qualified and the only way of doing that is by running tests. Most VPN services slow down the internet, which is expected. Tests run on ExpressVPN show that it is no different from any other ordinary VPN. However, the VPN is one of the most accessible services in any part of the world. This means that there is a speed advantage due to localized servers that shorten the distance between client and server. The international speed rating for ExpressVPN is also much higher compared to the best VPNs available.

There are many benefits of using ExpressVPN’s services. It is a speedy service with very attractive client software. This expressvpn review also finds it reliable since it is always up with almost zero instances of downtime all year around. The P2P connections integration works great due to the sheer numbers of servers that the company has globally. In overall, ExpressVPN is a highly recommended service that gets a 5/5 star rating.