Hostgator vs WPEngine Review 2019

WordPress us caving a niche for itself. It has many features, themes and it’s a genius idea. WordPress is growing on a daily basis, and more persons are buying it it. WPEngine is known for its direct link to word press but in recent times it is facing competition from other web hosting companies. One of its major competition is HostGator. This article will try to critically grade HostGator and WPEngine and give a verdict between the two. There are various factors that must be assessed, and it will be done in order so you will see the differences and similarities between the two.


Hostgator vs. WPEngine Features

This comparison will begin with the features both companies has to offer. WPEngine had been known to naturally host WordPress, but HostGator also supports installation of WordPress. The features of these two web hosts vary greatly. In the area of features, WPEngine can be said to be a master at WordPress but lack in other areas. It does not provide the amount of features that HostGator has to offer. HostGator offers lots, of features and tools like SSL certificates and the rest. There is so much that HostGator has. WPEngine has its own features too, cool themes and other things but in the area of features, the HostGator comes out on top.

Ease of use.

The control panel of WPEngine is very specific, it is used mainly for WordPress. That is actually a limitation but it’s specificity makes it very easy to use. Many users of WordPress has hailed the WPEngine platform for it’s simplicity. Everything is just laid out for you and you do not need a tutorial video to use it even if it’s your first time. All you need is common sense and a basic computer knowledge. HostGator on the other hand uses a cpanel platform. This is very easy to use because it’s a very common platform. It is not specific to WordPress. It can be used on other forms of websites. The summary however is that both companies have good and easy-to-use platforms but HostGator comes out on top because its platform is not as specific as that of WPEngine. Apart from that, overall HostGator is easier to navigate. From the installation to signing up and other technicalities, HostGator is a better company.


After carrying out a Hostgator vs WP Engine speed test, a winner emerged. Do not be in a hurry, the details of the tests will first be discussed before the winner is declared. After the results were obtained it was discovered that both web hosts operated at an astonishing speed. They both were fast. Ordinarily you may not be able to distinguish it’s speed if you do not use machines to test it. After the tests were carried out it was discovered the WPEngine was about 15% faster than HostGator. That does not sound like much but when looked at in milliseconds it has value. As earlier stated the difference is not visible to the ordinary eye.  HostGator is fast too, infant it’s one of the fastest in the market but WPEngine was proven to be slightly faster. It was  just a slight difference and WPEngine came out on top.


Apart from speed, another parameter that is important is the uptime. A website may be fast but may experience downtime. This is not desirable, if a website must be sorted after it would have good speed and great uptime. As you know WPEngine has to handle only WordPress sites and this helps them to maintain an almost 100% uptime. WPEngine does not experience downtime. In this area it has a perfect score. For HostGator, it has a 99.99% uptime percentage. This is almost perfect but it’s not as good as WPEngine. HostGator may be commended because they do not only deal with WordPress sites. But if you put all that aside, then it is obvious that WPEngine guarantees a perfect uptime percentage that no other company can offer. So here they come out on top.

Customer support

If you want your online business to be successful you must have good customer support from your web host. If you do not have good customer support then it will affect your negativity. If you do not get help when you need it, your website may experience problems that you will not be able to solve. The customer support system of the two companies was tested, at the end of the day amazing results were obtained. The two companies gave very good support. It was mind blowing but when you look at the details of the test you will notice two things. For HostGator the support service was nice, gave you many options to communicate with them and they also had 24 hour service but the response time was slow. They do not respond as fats as you would want. For WPEngine, the response time was fast but they do not offer 24 hour service.  They are online available between 9am to 6pm.  Many individuals have said that WPEngine is better because when they are available they respond promptly. But HostGator is always available but they do not solve the problem on time.


In this area, the WPEngine is way behind, they are expensive to use. HostGator has flexible prices and have several plans for different economy classes. But WPEngine just gives you one option, and you do not get any other thing. So in this area, WPEngine is performing poorly, and HostGator is the winner here.

Pros and Cons

  • For HostGator

1) Unlimited disk space

2) Unlimited domain

3) Unlimited emails

4) 45-day money back guarantee

5) The speed is very good.


1) The technical support is not great

2) Performance is not very great.

  • For WPEngine


1) Offer managed WordPress Hosting

2) Offer free Data Backup and Restoration

3) Free 60 day trial offer

4) They have excellent support response time

5) Gives you Expert WordPress support staff


1) Very expensive

2) It is not usable on non-WordPress platform

3) Does not allow some kind of features

4) When you have many visitors, they charge you more.


From the discussion above, it is obvious that HostGator is a better company than WPEngine. Apart from the limitations of WPEngine, it is also expensive. So HostGator is the overall winner.